The Downfall of Embracing Multiple Intelligence

Almost everyone nowadays acknowledges that intelligence can take different forms. Musical, linguistic, intrapersonal, etc. The concept of multiple intelligences has been around since Leonardo Da Vinci, but society didn’t really run with it till Dr. Thomas Gardner constructed a theory in the 1980s. Everything changed. Intelligence isn’t just a number > 100 on the IQ test. Career assessments are measuring categories like artistic…

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What Makes a Good Therapist

First off, I’m a therapist. I’ve worked in outpatient settings, including a college, a school, and a private practice. I’ve also worked in crisis settings, like an ER and a psychiatric hospital. I can tell you one thing for certain: a good outpatient therapist is often the difference between someone who successfully maintains normalcy and…

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Just like the average person who uses music to “work out their demons” or art to “get their message out there,” I believe the power of creativity can help people pursue recovery and personal growth.

Lou Lim