It is not that the questions below are rarely asked in life. In truth, I think they are frequently asked. However, very few people pay enough mind to ask them about this written work. They might wonder about it all the time in their heads. I would like to think that is what people ruminate on as they sit on the bus. Wait in line for their coffee and croissant. Desperately try to write their school essays–but alas, these questions fill their minds. However, until they are actually frequently asked to me, I must say they are infrequently asked questions.

Is it peer-reviewed?

By peer-reviewed, do you mean do my peers review it—like my friends? I hope they read it, because they’re my friends.

Can I take free psychological assessments here?

No. I did not want to deal with the legal disclaimers.

Do all therapists talk like this?

No, that would be weird.