Growing up I played soccer for one year when I was a kid, and I wasn’t even that good at it. In fact, when an opponent would come near me to steal the ball, I kicked it to them because I oddly enjoyed sharing.  As you could imagine, my coach probably was not very fond of me on game day (I didn’t like game day either), but I was a great player to have at practice.  You see, at the practices I felt pretty valuable.  The coach would often ask me to lead the runs around the field, and pair up with kids that needed help with passing the ball since I was clearly good at that.  I may not have liked competition, but I loved being a part of a team.

Perhaps you didn’t like sports growing up or maybe you weren’t very athletic, but there is immense value in having teammates.  Life is a team sport with all of the ups and downs being our playing field.  It’s full of the unexpected, and oftentimes we don’t even know who or what we will be up against next.  You need people on your team for the fun stuff, for the heartbreak, and for everything in between. Being a part of a team in life means you have the opportunity to have others strengthen your weaknesses; you also get to strengthen theirs.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of an incredible wedding.  This was not the type of wedding where everything was set up by a coordinator, nor was it small in size.  It was the friends and family of this couple who came to set up the chairs, tables, decorations, signs, flowers, drinks, party favors, you name it!  After the wedding reception was over, the same friends and family took everything apart.  Suits and dresses were traded for jeans and t-shirts as everyone scurried to clean up.  Within one hour, this church party for two-hundred guests was returned to its original display.  It was amazing to see so many people who loved this couple team up with them on such a special occasion.

No matter how much of a loner or introvert (I’m an introvert!) you may believe yourself to be, it is vital to be a part of a team.  This concept may be hard for you. Perhaps you don’t have any family, or you have been betrayed by a lot of people you thought were your friends.  I encourage you to find people who build you up and push you to be better.  There are so many people out there who also need YOU on their team. Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, it’s a team sport!

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